Fanatical Customer Service!

Fanatical Customer ServiceI want to share with you a fanatical customer service story! Last year, I had client stand on our doorway with a big box of paperwork. She would not come in and was crying on the doorstep. We finally persuaded her to come in, and she told us the story of her life.

Her name is Jo, and she is a special needs teacher in our local school. Previously, she had a business with her husband and let’s just say that “life” happened to her. She ended up getting a letter from the IRS for a $750,000 penalty!

We had three of my best preparers and bookkeepers working on this, and on her returns. Today, finally, we received word that her penalties were reduced to nothing and her wages will not be garnished! We solved this problem by doing her taxes correctly, and talking her through this. We didn’t even have to go with her to the IRS office.

Ever since the first day we met Joanne, we have been like a second home to her. We made a commitment to help her though all of this. One of our preparers, Violeta Carmen Baxter, also has kids in the local schools and Joanne has referred more than 15 clients to her and our office.

Sometimes fanatical customer service begins with a simple act of kindness, and the willingness to hold someone’s hand.

Posted On: Wednesday, March 05, 2014
Ritu Khadiya

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