The Most Valuable Wavers!

We have the most valuable wavers! They are two brothers, John & Randy, that started with the company about 2009. They have been back every year since. Randy got his job back with Walmart, and uses his free time to continue waving for us. John, absolutely spoils us! He will make the coffee, if we were too busy, he vacuums without us asking, and takes out the trash. He even asks the customers if they need drinks. About two weeks ago, on a Sunday, he started having blurred vision and falling down. His brother got him to the emergency room and found out that he had had a minor stroke. His blood pressure was through the roof at 230! He was in the hospital for a week, because it took them a that long to get him evened out and all he wanted to know, is if he still had a job! Of course he did!! He received his medical release to go back to work that next Monday after getting out of the hospital on Friday! He has blurred vision still from the clot in the back of his head, and the doctors are saying his vision should come back in time, but he is still holding that sign for us and still takes care of us!! God Bless our Wavers!!
Posted On: Monday, March 17, 2014
Kay Cobb

I have been with Liberty Tax since 2006. I started as a manager. My daughter went to work at the CPA office of the previous owner. She stopped in to fill out some paperwork, and then we were going to lunch. Her boss asked me what I did, and I explained that I had an accounting service. Then her boss was showing us around and where her office would be, then he went next door to Marvin Morse's office, who was the franchise owner at that time. We walked in and he said "Hey Marvin, guess what she does!" and her boss told him. Then Marvin exclaimed "Great! I can cancel the add in the paper!". I said "I'm not here for a job, she is!!" Turned out, his manager was leaving in two weeks, so we visited and came to a deal. I bought the stores in 2008!

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