I Love Waving to People!

I love working at Liberty Tax and I'm a 4th year waver. In 2011, I was unemployed and was looking for a job so I went to Liberty Tax in Waukegan, IL. I filled out an application, and I did a tryout and got the job just like that. RebeccaI was so happy and excited to have something after being unemployed for a while. When I worked, I would put on the Statue of Liberty costume and I would go out and dance and wave. People would wave back and honk their horns. In 2012, I went to a different Liberty Tax and got to be a waver there. I had so much fun working for my boss - he treated everyone so well by providing snacks, giving a bonus at the end and having a dinner party. I love waving to people and putting smiles on their faces. People even come up to me to take a picture with them and it just makes me feel good. I totally recommend Liberty Tax. The people are great to work with, friendly, and they work so hard during tax season. We have people come back year after year and they say that they always look forward seeing a waver on the corner and getting their taxes done with Liberty Tax. When you provide great customer service and go above and beyond, you will have a customer for life and they will keep coming back year after year.

Posted On: Thursday, March 20, 2014
Rebecca Raisman

I'm a 4 year waver at Liberty Tax and I love my job. I'm 32 years old I work at the one in Gurnee, IL and I love meeting new and old customers and I love listening to my music while I dance on the corner and people would honk their horns. I started working in 2011 at the Liberty Tax in Waukegan then in 2012 till now I work at the one in Gurnee. I went to Columbia College Chicago for performing arts so this job is perfect for me since I love entertaining and being out going.

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