NOBODY ELSE Will Do Our Taxes!

Melissa Hylton post photo 21e207ad-ca9e-4e4e-b601-b8c66efe6468I went in to the Christiansburg, Virginia store, and Ms. Angela Woolwine did our taxes. WOW! From the get-go, she offered us coffee.  She was extremely friendly the entire time, chatted with us during, and even gave us a discount. She did a SUPER job, and got us the maximum refund she could. She wasn't a bit worried about anything else in the world other than doing our taxes and, to me, that is SO IMPORTANT!!!! I can tell you this, NOBODY ELSE will be doing our taxes from now on. Y'all hang on to that young lady. She's OUTSTANDING!

Posted On: Sunday, March 23, 2014
Melissa Hylton

Just your average Mom. I stay at home, and work hard at taking care of my children and my husband. Before doing this, though, I worked many years doing customer service myself, so I know good customer service when I see it!

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