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Dear John, I joined Stop Hunger Now in 2006 to take the program into Virginia, yet we never had the opportunity to get to know each other. To get to the point immediately, I'm at the age in life where expressing gratitude is something I take more seriously than ever. When someone comes to mind, I make a point to contact them. This past weekend during a long trail run, I was going over
At my Liberty Tax location I know that hundreds of people go hungry everyday because it is a lower income area so I decided do a food drive with the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. I made a huge goal of collecting 1040lbs of food. When I made the goal I thought it was a huge number but as time went on the amount of food we received was amazing! We had so much food in our office, people starting asking if
I met Mr. Hight nine years ago when I worked for "the competition." He had always prepared his own taxes but had a question that year and stopped by my Walmart kiosk seeking advice. His wife had just passed away, and what started as a question turned into a relationship. I have prepared his taxes every year since then regardless of what company I worked for or where he lived. For the last sev
I was desperately looking for a job, any job, when I came upon an add online for jobs at Liberty. I thought it would be just a job to get me through until I could find a better job but, little did I know, this was the better job. I just love working for Liberty. It is a great opportunity to meet people in my community, make new friends, and work with some great people! Not only is it income for me
At one point, John Hewitt had a mouse problem in his office. It was my job to set out the mousetraps and try to catch these little buggers. When I was leaving John’s office, I told him, “I love working for your company.” John replied, “It’s our company.” I’ve never forgotten that. Now whenever I talk about Liberty Tax Service, I say, “it’s our company.” And it really is.
Client came into my store 1st peak. ( We'll call him Bill). First thing he said was, "I just went to H& R Block and they wanted $99 to do my tax return... Do you believe that?" I said, "no- that's a great deal!" We discussed his tax situation and I told him that I'd never be the $99. guy, but this year I'd do it for less than Block to show him the difference. He agreed and I had a great time disc
After Cash in a Flash, we were looking for a great community promotion. We decided to give a $50 discount for donating a 20 pound or larger bag of dog or cat food for the local animal shelters and rescue leagues. It became so popular and effective that we have continued it through the end of March. To date we have donated approximately 200 bags of
This tax season was stressful enough, and I was wondering how I was going to afford to get my taxes done this year because I was not financially able to go to H&R block or any other tax account. The past two years, I tried my hand at it with Turbo Tax, and I believe I possibly sold myself short and did not receive the most of my return that was available to me. I stressed over this immensely, unt
One of our customers recently picked up their tax refund check and went to Wal-Mart to get their check cashed. The customer then called our office stating they could not get it cashed and Wal-Mart was having system difficulties. The customer called our office very upset because she just spent her last few dollars on cab fare getting to Wal-Mart with her family and they were stuck without any ca
We have the most valuable wavers! They are two brothers, John & Randy, that started with the company about 2009. They have been back every year since. Randy got his job back with Walmart, and uses his free time to continue waving for us. John, absolutely spoils us! He will make the coffee, if we were too busy, he vacuums without us asking, and takes out the trash. He even asks the customers if th
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