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In 2011 I was a waver, now I am a preparer on my second year. Having this job has given me the time that I wanted with my son. I work for liberty from Jain till April which is perfect cause my son is in school during these months and I am off for the summer so that we can do things as a family.
We LOVE Liberty!!!! Have never used Liberty before, I filed taxes for our family using an online service in the past, and ended up with a bill from the IRS for items missed or entered incorrectly. I also feel like our taxes were pretty "messy" this year - we sold a house, moved to a new city, bought a house, made significant improvements to both homes, I am a Realtor, and worked two part time "side" jobs, and we have two kids in daycare.
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Either what I read in periodicals functions as topical information or it guides you to accomplish an impossible task. When I was having coffee at Half-Price Books, I noticed a copy of AARP magazine on the table where I sat in my chair. I glanced thru the publication, noticing a sidebar titled "Additional Ways To Earn Income."
“Where there is unity there is always victory.” On January 23, 2014 there was an unfortunate tragedy where a fire destroyed an apartment complex where one of Liberty team members Kris lived. Thankfully, his apartment was saved and no one was injured but the fire did destroy many personal belongings and displaced six families who lived there.
I've used Liberty Tax services for years and they are the only company I trust with my tax returns. My tax returns are often challenging due to the military lifestyle and living in numerous states.
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First, and foremost I started working with Liberty Tax Service in January of 2013. I started my ten week course in October of 2012 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I was very nervous but confident at the same time I knew something good would come out of this course. From the beginning I was promised a job in Fayetteville and then at the last minute they me told they had enough preparers.
I just want to think liberty for the great service and also for helping me put a down payment on a vehicle so I can take my grandparents to their doctor appointments.
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Liberty Tax and the Olympics? Our Liberty Tax business created an incredible platform for us to raise our family. We have 4 children, and they have all seen what it takes to build a business—risk, drive, creativity, hard work , and perseverance. They have all helped—they have participated in parades, cleaned the office, worked the festivals and helped with maintenance projects. They have seen
Our Tax prep person retired after 20 years and we didn't know who to trust. We chose a family friend's daughter and while she worked very closely with us she mistakenly missed several items. Thankfully Liz at Elk River, Mn Liberty Tax checked into this when she did our taxes for 2013, finding us an additional $500.00. We learned to only have qualified tax professionals help us in the future. Th
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I opened my new Law practice last September and before that my wife did our taxes for years do to the fact it was easy when I worked for a company! But this year we decided we needed a professional to do them. So my wife knows the owner of the Liberty tax in Franklin and Oil City plus she ran a nice trailer court for many years, so we knew she'd be the best to go to being she also is a business owner!!!
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