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The very first time filing my taxes i was working at burger King and didn't at all think i would receive much back in taxes. My mom told me about Liberty Tax in Albany Georgia, I went with her and applied one day before going to work the manager of the store sat down and help me start filing, she informed me of every single thing she did, she showed me the screen as she went, i wasn't blind to anything.
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Hi,my name is Shalonda Stewart an I'm a mother of six and I love Liberty Tax,I've been a customer since 2004 I love the employees an the business is great lve never had any problems always been accurate,I haven't filled with anyone since I started with Liberty Tax,I love you guys keep up the good work!!!!!
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Fire Destroyed the Materials….but not her heart!!!! In the afternoon of March 10, 2014, a fire broke out at the dry cleaners right next to the Liberty Tax in Stephens City, VA. The blaze caused extensive damage to Festival Cleaners and smoke damage to Liberty Tax. The entire strip mall was evacuated and most of the employees went home, traumatized.
I went to Liberty Tax service to file my first return after 20 plus. years & the professional helped me through it all. Tina who prepared my return was very patient & knowledgeable. Tina also helped me gain medical insurance which I am very grateful for. i will be going to Liberty Tax Service from now on...
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Liberty Tax was the nicest best place we had ever been too! My husband and I had been together for going on 8 years this year. Fighting all the odds we have had a successful and wonderful marriage, but are to poor to have been able to have a honeymoon and spent our "honey moon" at home like any other day. So thanks to Liberty Tax getting us money back we where able to have our honeymoon FINALLY.
How Liberty Tax changed our lives... We have been using Liberty Tax services for about five years now. Over the years, there has been a few changes in our income, and Liberty Tax has helped us file our taxes efficiently as always, but two and a half years ago, everything changed. My husband, Paul, suffered a brain aneurysm and stroke, which left him disabled and a long recovery ahead of him.
I first met Sandy from Liberty Tax in Casper Wyoming when I needed my taxes done after I purchased my first house. I’d had my taxes done at H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt before but never had a sense that I was anything more than just a costumer and therefore never felt a strong connection to either facility.
I will start by saying I am a creature of habit. Every year, for 7 years, I got my taxes done at the same place. I liked them they were fast and nice and I got to know them. When my husband and I got married and moved to New Braunfels, tax season rolled around and we decided it was just too far to the old place. So we did a little research and decided on Liberty Tax.
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I usually used h&r block but decided to give liberty a tryout. When I went to liberty it was fast, friendly and everyone always smiled. Tristan answered all my million questions and seemed fairly happy to. I loved the experience. Oh forgot to mention all the goodies you get when you go there as in pop,water,chips,cookies and $50 to go buy more goodies!!! Lol
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I always wondered about the stories behind the wavers. I finally decided to apply this year and give it a try. My story is unique. If you knew me you'd never expect me to be in this position, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for some adventure. I was surprised by what I learned on the journey and felt inspired to tell my story in a blog.