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We tried this type of project two years ago and it didn't work too well because all we gave away was 1 chicken per family. This year as part of our giving back to our community, we decided that we’d put together complete Christmas meals for 500 families who couldn't afford them.
Three years ago, I had questions about my taxes. I had been doing my own taxes since I was about 19. I wasn’t sure I had them done correctly this particular year, so like many people who do their own taxes, I went to the Laskey Rd location in Toledo, Ohio for a second opinion. I sat down with Dave Gang and he prepared my return.
To know to me is to know that I absolutely love interaction with people! I love to help others however I can; have fun, laugh and spread positive energy. Providing excellent customer service is my middle name! When I believe in something, I will stop at nothing to see it move forward and I BELIEVE IN LIBERTY!
Liberty, how do I love thee; let me count the ways! When I met you 3 years ago, you exceeded my expectations by helping to boost my refund. Liberty, through Tatina Tucker showed me that I was entitled to more deductions and credits than what I was taking advantage of. It was love at first sight!
I had a former H&R Block client come into my office full of worry. He had not filed his taxes in two years, needed to get a FAFSA completed for his daughter to go to college and felt he had no where he could turn. His worry stemmed from H&R Block harassing him for non paid fees from financial products he had selected at the time of his tax preparation with Block in 2010 and 2011.
I'm not sure if it's too late to write about my story, but I feel compelled to share how incredible it is to be a part of the Liberty Tax Family since 2012. My name is Thomas Montalvo and I'm convinced our presence as a Liberty Tax Service Office here in Southern California is making a huge difference and lives throughout the community are being changed.
I went to Liberty because I knew they would help me. My son turned over the financial power of attorney to me and I went here to make sure we were doing everything legal. They were so professional and knew exactly what to do. I so appreciate the help and advice.
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We have a homeless man that we call O.G. that comes to our office regularly to help put out signs, flags and our Liberty Tax tent. He is responsible for sweeping and hosing down the front and rear of the office. He comes to the office three to five times per week and he knows most of our employees by first name. We consider him a part of the Liberty family!
It was a very cold February night when a new customer walked in the door with his girlfriend. He had been unemployed for many months and just started a new job. The $50 cash in a flash brought him in the door. When I met with him and completed the return, the refund was very small and not enough to even cover the preparation fees. Since he just started a job and seemed fairly desperate, I told
Early in February, a family came to us to file four years’ worth of tax returns. They were quiet, friendly and humble, and quickly had everyone in the office smiling. They weren’t sure they were even going to get a refund, thanks in part to prior difficulties with an ex-spouse and the IRS. But they were trying to get into a home and needed to file all the back tax returns. Excitedly, the preparer