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Hi, my name is Rena Lyons and I want to share my experiences with Liberty Tax and Roger and Susan Gingerich. But before I get ahead of myself, I think I need to start at the beginning as I share my life experiences. It may touch you and make you laugh, but I hope that you get out of this that no matter where you are in your life, you can always turn a negative into a positive.
I have been a Liberty Tax Service franchise owner since November 2003 and currently have 2 offices in Pompano Beach, Florida, which is just north of Fort Lauderdale. Over the years we have tried many marketing and advertising methods with widely varying levels of effectiveness.
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Since 1985, we had been going to the same big name tax company. My sister worked there and we didn't think much about it. We just went in every year like clockwork. That all changed in 2010. That year, my family went to do our taxes at our usual tax company. The whole ordeal took us around an hour and half and at the end we were told they could not offer us a refund anticipation loan.
As a parent and grandparent I understand the importance of reading and comprehending. I volunteer and tutor 2 first grade readers weekly during the school year with the "Taylor Reading Core". I also dress up as Lady Liberty and read the story of how we aquired her to all of the students at Head Start Program in Taylor.
I am the franchise owner of the Liberty Tax in Dedham, MA. My story is regarding my wavers. I have changed the lives of some very special people by giving them the opportunity to work. In turn, they have changed my life. I merely am giving them the chance they deserve, to work and be part of something. The Neponset River House is a service of Riverside Community Care, a non-profit organization
I really enjoyed working for Liberty Tax Service because I was able to dance for so many people and I love to dance!!! It has inspired me to pursue my dreams of opening my own dance studio "Unheard Movement" for the people with Disabilities!!! Thank you Liberty Tax Service for helping me realize my dreams!!!
Everyday I would see this guy dancing practically in the middle of the road. He would be out dancing no matter the condition rain or snow. I was interested to know why he danced and who he was as a person. It turned out I knew the guy. I did not really recognize him because he had lost a lot of weight from his dancing.
In 2011 I was a waver, now I am a preparer on my second year. Having this job has given me the time that I wanted with my son. I work for liberty from Jain till April which is perfect cause my son is in school during these months and I am off for the summer so that we can do things as a family.
Either what I read in periodicals functions as topical information or it guides you to accomplish an impossible task. When I was having coffee at Half-Price Books, I noticed a copy of AARP magazine on the table where I sat in my chair. I glanced thru the publication, noticing a sidebar titled "Additional Ways To Earn Income."
Liberty Tax and the Olympics? Our Liberty Tax business created an incredible platform for us to raise our family. We have 4 children, and they have all seen what it takes to build a business—risk, drive, creativity, hard work , and perseverance. They have all helped—they have participated in parades, cleaned the office, worked the festivals and helped with maintenance projects. They have seen