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We tried this type of project two years ago and it didn't work too well because all we gave away was 1 chicken per family. This year as part of our giving back to our community, we decided that we’d put together complete Christmas meals for 500 families who couldn't afford them.
I became homeless two days after I received notification from Dennis at Liberty Tax that tax classes would began on Dec 15, 2014 and all I could do is cry because I felt tremendous pressure to just give up and try again next year. Especially when the holidays are approaching and I wasn't sure how my son would respond to me telling him we have no where to live now.
This past tax season a couple walked in our office and they were drenched in sweat. We had already done their taxes and they were just waiting for their refund, in which case I knew something was wrong because I had spoken with the wife just the day before.
Homeless Helper I was driving home and noticed a man at the exit holding a sign asking for prayers and food. Although, I travel to Chicago often and I'm used to seeing this, I was caught off guard to find this man at this location. I passed him and turned into the quick shop where I purchased a tall bottle of water, bag of chips, 2 hotdogs with condiments, peanut butter and cheese crackers.
At Liberty Tax, we’re committed to making a difference in communities and around the globe. John Hewitt has a goal to SOLVE world hunger! How’s that for fanatical? We need your help and your ideas for innovative solutions to make this happen and we’re beginning in Nicaragua. As the Director of Special Projects at Liberty, this is my dream too. Post your ideas and let’s change the world together!
Dear John, I joined Stop Hunger Now in 2006 to take the program into Virginia, yet we never had the opportunity to get to know each other. To get to the point immediately, I'm at the age in life where expressing gratitude is something I take more seriously than ever. When someone comes to mind, I make a point to contact them. This past weekend during a long trail run, I was going over
At my Liberty Tax location I know that hundreds of people go hungry everyday because it is a lower income area so I decided do a food drive with the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. I made a huge goal of collecting 1040lbs of food. When I made the goal I thought it was a huge number but as time went on the amount of food we received was amazing! We had so much food in our office, people starting asking if
After Cash in a Flash, we were looking for a great community promotion. We decided to give a $50 discount for donating a 20 pound or larger bag of dog or cat food for the local animal shelters and rescue leagues. It became so popular and effective that we have continued it through the end of March. To date we have donated approximately 200 bags of
I’ve been associated with Liberty almost from the beginning. In those early years, I saw firsthand John Hewitt’s passion and drive to eradicate hunger. I have to admit that I just didn’t get it. I listened to the stories about the hungry children, but never made the connection that I could make a difference.
We had a returning client send a friend to us, and first thing in the morning, we called the gal to give her the $50 SAF thank you. The phone rang and rang. She finally answered and sounded really sick.