It’s My Time to Shine

My name is Hamida Chandrani and this is my first year being a franchisee. I have always worked for someone until now and I have always helped them to be more successful and to get closer to achieving their dreams. My husband, Nazim Chandrani, started sweeping and mopping floors at his uncle’s gas stations with minimum pay. He slowly started gaining experience behind the counter ringing up sales. In no time, the store revenue started going higher and higher due to his hard work, dedication, and outstanding customer service. His uncle gave him an opportunity to manage his stores, which lead to a partnership, and he then started taking ownership of those and many more stores.

My husband and I got an opportunity to be franchisees at Liberty Tax Service in August 2013. I was tired of working for someone and helping them reach their dreams and the thought came into my mind “IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE” and this is the moment that I turn my dreams into reality. We went for EOT in September and moved from Georgia to Los Angeles in October. Leaving all my family and friends we just did it. My husband and I closed the deal for 12 Liberty Tax stores in November. So far, this has been the most exciting adventure for me and I totally love it.

I feel the way Liberty Tax advertises the “Guerrilla marketing” way is different but it totally makes a difference and allows us to be on a more personal level with our workers and customers. We have been given the opportunity to meet, work, and help an array of different individuals. At the moment we are working with Morning Sky, a company that helps mentally challenged adults live their lives one day at a time. Right now we have three incredible marketers from the Morning Sky home. We will call people from the company every tax season because It is so rewarding to be able to help in the process of getting them involved back into the community. Waving, B2B, P2P, and even helping with our daily BBQ Winnie flipping.

It just gives us a great feeling of achievement and smile on our faces to be able to do something for our community.
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