Premium Tax Filing

EFile for the Small Business Owner

  • Our comprehensive Premium Edition gives you the extra support and expert advice you need when you’re preparing your income tax return online. The Liberty Tax Online Premium Edition was engineered by experienced tax specialists who know the ins and outs of every tax situation possible. File confidently knowing your return has been prepared accurately and securely.

    Liberty Tax Online Premium Edition Includes:

    • FREE Tax Support - Have a tax question? Get answers from real Liberty Tax Service experts.
    • CPA Audit Assistance - Free support from a Liberty Tax CPA in the rare event of an audit.
    • Itemized deductions
    • More Credits - Retirement contributions, first-time homebuyer
    • More Income - Capital gains/losses, rental income, stocks, bonds, retirement
    • Business Income/Expenses - Self-employment, Sole Proprietor, Depreciation and Amortization
    • Prepare state taxes easily for only $39.95!

    Gather your tax documents and get started for free!