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OK, let’s be real. You’re not likely to make a decision to have a baby based solely on how tax deductible a newborn would be. But did you know there are medical expense deductions you may be able to take whether you choose to have a baby -- or not?
The Senate brought glad tidings to taxpayers this holiday season. On Tuesday the Senate approved a package of tax breaks for homeowners, college students, business owners and more.
Every year, millions of Americans fret over the ways in which they're going to have to deal with their tax obligations as they get everything in order and fill out all the necessary documents. But in the rush to get everything done, many may also overlook potentially valuable deductions for which they are eligible but do not actually claim, and that can cost them as much as thousands of dollars per year.
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Millions of Americans know that there can be significant tax benefits available to them if they know what they qualify for, but the knowledge gap is often a difficult one to overcome, and many taxpayers could leave large amounts of money on the table. One of the things that might benefit people most is looking into any deductions that are available for people of their station in life, because there might be more than a few.
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Americans who donated to charities last year anticipating a tax write-off need to check those charities for legitimacy before filing.
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I think the sweet grandmother in the movie Parenthood said it best, “Your grandpa took me on a roller coaster… Up, down. Up, down – oh what a ride. It was just interesting to me that a ride could make me so frightened, so scared, so sick, so excited and so thrilled all together.
While everyone else is bidding farewell to summer and heading back to school, I am jumping out of my skin excited! I’m what you would call one of those insanely crazy football fans. You know, the one who gets a lot of stares.
Do you remember moth balls? That was one thing I dreaded when mom used to call out to us kids to say it was time to get the winter clothes out of the basement.  Yuck, that smell.The other thing I disliked even more was to look at my old clothes. The styles had changed, my body had changed.
Summer marks a time for change…whether it’s a new addition to your family, buying your dream home, or your decision to pursue a new career. With vacations behind us and everyone settling into “back to school” mode, the job search is back on.
“Welcome back!” These two words can really make a college student cringe. Back to dorm life, late night cramming, long financial aid lines, and the daunting challenge of getting your books from the campus library before they sell out.