New tax planning guide now available

Many Americans may have a lot of questions about the ways in which the things they do over the course of the year may end up affecting their tax liabilities at the end of it. The fact of the matter, though, is that a lot of people simply don't do enough of their due diligence when preparing for the annual filing season to really make sure they're able to keep their costs as limited as possible. To that end, though, a new and very popular tax planning guide is once again available.

The annual Thomson Reuters Tax Planning Guide recently hit the shelves and will allow tax professionals and consumers alike to better understand the ways in which the latest changes to the tax code will end up affecting them. That includes everything from making sure that all aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that might apply to any given taxpayer have been considered, as well as all the other things a person might need to deal with when they're trying to reduce their liabilities and maximize the number of deductions for which they qualify.

"Our tax planning guide products make it easy for firms to share important information about tax planning with clients and potentially attract new customers," said Brett Notine, senior vice president of emerging and specialty segments in the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters. "By providing content marketing solutions such as the Tax Planning Guide, firms will be seen as thought leaders and gain a competitive advantage."

Another word of advice
Of course, consumers should always try to keep in mind that navigating the various aspects of the tax laws every year is very rarely easy, no matter how much homework they do or how many times they've claimed the same deduction year after year. As a consequence, it's often wise to make sure that they're working regularly with a tax professional - not only during filing season, but throughout the year - to make sure they avoid any potential pitfalls they might run into when they try to undertake any kind of tax planning on their own.

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