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When it comes to end-of-year tax planning, most people focus on the deductions and credits that could put them in a better position and allow them to reduce their taxable income or secure larger re

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Many people switch jobs multiple times over the course of their lives, oftentimes leaving behind employer-sponsored 401(k) accounts. Determining what to do with these retirement funds can be tricky

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In today's economy, many Americans are happy to have a job and therefore may pay little attention to how their employer classifies them on federal forms. While it is an employer's responsib

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Don’t forget to thank an American hero on November 11th.  Whether you have plans to get involved with a military organization, visit a local veterans’ hospital or attend a parade, show respect and appreciation for the brave men and women who have protected our way of life.
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Employees who are enrolled in a flexible spending account may have more leeway and discretion when it comes to using the money they have contributed to the tax-advantaged fund.

The U.S. Depar

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned about a widespread phone scam that has targeted taxpayers, including recent immigrants, in almost every state in the country. Victims are scammed by being informed, over the phone, that they owe the IRS tax money and it must be paid promptly through a wire-transfer or with a pre-loaded debit card.
Posted To: Tax Mommys Blog By: Rachel Dionisio on Thursday, October 31, 2013
I can’t believe that it’s time for Halloween again! I’m reminded every time I step into a retail store, get on my Facebook page, or drive by yards filled with carved pumpkins.
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Most people have heard of end-of-year tax planning, but there is still a large percentage of Americans who wait until the last minute each filing season to start gathering their forms and setting u

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The government shutdown may be over and federal operations have resumed, but many agencies are still reeling from the effects of the suspension, including the Internal Revenue Service. As a re

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Few households are alike, and individuals may have a number of different people residing with them at some point. From young kids or adult children that have moved back after college to elderly par
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