An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

liberty medical So, we've all been unfortunate enough to suffer with awful cold symptoms like a runny nose, high-fever, headache - and the last thing we want to do is drag our weary bodies out of bed and drive to the doctors. But, what if some of the expense of getting to and from the doctor was tax deductible? That would make us go, right?

Well, not only is travel to and from the doctor's medical office deductible, but a visit to the dentist also qualifies too! And you can even deduct tolls and parking!

Forget about self-diagnosing at home with WebMD - and make the trip to the doc's office. After all, you won't have to pay a dollar except for a medical bill!



Check out our Tax Tip video to see what you may qualify for!!

Posted To: Miss Liberty Tax By: Miss Liberty Tax On: Friday, January 20, 2012
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