The Holidays May Be Over, But There’s Still Time to Spend

shoppingFor many, it’s not too late to spend that Flexible Spending Account. Some employers have an extension of two and a half months in their deadline, allowing many of us the chance to spend the remainder before we lose it. Great! Now – what can I buy that doesn’t require a prescription?   

Personally, with two small boys, I can’t keep a big enough stock pile of SPF lip balm and bandages in my purse. So I am always buying these. Some of you, though, may have quite a large stock pile of bandages and lip balm. Perhaps a room your family lovingly refers to as “the pharmacy.” In that case, here are a few things you might not have in that stock pile. They qualify under your FSA without a prescription and they’re actually pretty useful: 

  •          A lighted magnifier (too many hours at the computer screen) 
  •          A home defibrillator (I needed this when my 4-year-old played tackle football) 
  •          Heat Packs (great to keep in the car) 
  •          Cooling Sheets (again, great to keep in the car) 
  •          Steam Inhaler (be ready for this cold and flu season) 
  •          Gel Insoles (for those new boots that are “killer” - literally) 
  •          Blister Treatment (see above) 
  •          Heel Sleeves with Healing Oils (still on the feet) 
  •          Pain Relief Eye Mask (for those in-laws migraines) 
  •          Pregnancy Tests (to appease those in-laws) 

Double check your stock pile for ample bandages and sunscreen. A spare pair of reading glasses wouldn’t hurt either. Some of the high-end items may seem useless to buy (like steam inhalers) but when you are aching and in need of them, they suddenly become priceless.  


Posted To: Tax Mommy's Blog By: Stephanie Brenneman On: Monday, December 31, 2012
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