Tax Office Locations In Alaska

No matter what time of the year it is, you can always reach an Alaska tax preparer at one of our locations within the state. Our trained tax preparers are able to assist with any type of personal return, no matter how strange your tax situation may be. We know how to handle everything from an independent contractor's returns to a sole proprietorship to a salaried worker. However you're classified, we can help you maximize your refund or minimize how much you owe to the full extent permitted by IRS law. 

Live in Alaska part time? Because we have tax office locations in Alaska and every other state throughout the country, we can help you complete any returns necessary for other states where you might have lived or done business throughout the year. No matter how many states you need to file returns in, your local Liberty is the place to make it happen. 

We are proud to offer educational resources alongside our top-notch tax preparation services. Anyone can meet with an Alaska tax preparer in our office free of charge. It doesn't matter whether you got your return filed through us; we'll answer questions and provide advice even on returns prepared by others. We also offer classes to help our community better understand the theory of tax. Starting with a basic foundational class and working up from there, we help our students understand the fundamentals and more complex topics. We never charge for instruction.  

Alaska is a big state, and no matter how many offices we have, we know that some of our clients may not be within an easy drive of their nearest preparer. That's why we created e-smart tax, offering all the personalized treatment that you expect from Liberty in a convenient online format. E-smart tax is a comprehensive tool based entirely online. Let it guide you through all the necessary forms and filings from the comfort of your own home, with no need to worry about mailing or any other hassles.   


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