eBook Library: Helpful Guides to Taxes

Check out our informative eBook selection below and learn how to navigate the murky waters of the tax world. The valuable information in these eBooks could help you better understand and take advantage of tax laws that work in your favor so you can get your maximum refund or owe less to the IRS. Happy reading!

Disaster Preparation & Recovery: What to Do With Taxes and Insurance

Disasters are unpredictable and potentially devastating. But if you’re proactive now, you can ease the burden many experience afterward. Follow the steps described in this handbook to learn about disaster preparation and recovery and what to do with your taxes and insurance once the disaster is over.

Ultimate Guide to Filing Taxes for the Self-Employed

Being your own boss gives you great flexibility and freedom to do what you love. But many self-employed workers are unaware of their tax responsibilities, which is why Liberty Tax® is proud to offer this eBook that will be extremely helpful in finding missed tax deductions and avoiding penalties.

11 Tax Questions Every Gig Worker Should Ask

It seems like everyone is getting in on the Gig Economy, which means more and more people are taking advantage of technology to make money in different ways. This eBook will help increase gig workers’ awareness of how tax laws apply to them and what they can do to keep as much money as they can.

Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

No one looks forward to paying taxes, but overpaying for taxes is just painful. To help you avoid paying more income tax than you should, this eBook contains a list of the most overlooked IRS tax deductions that individu­als may qualify for. It’s our way of helping you reduce your tax liability as low as possible.