It’s amazing how the casual observance of such a simple number can have an unexpected and continued impact on your life. In one of my first meetings with John Hewitt, we were discussing our shared love of card playing. I’m not sure who challenged whom, but it wasn’t long before we were engaged in a heated game of Spades.

The casual observance occurred when he wrote our names on the score pad. Although I was thrilled that he remembered my name, more importantly, I observed (and was intrigued) that instead of writing “John” on the score pad, he just simply put #1. I can’t remember who won that first game, but I’m 99.9% sure it wasn’t me.

That #1 theme continued throughout our relationship. His inspiration, wisdom, and guidance facilitated my success as a franchisee, helped me to form much better relationships, introduced me to new perspectives, and immensely raised my self-confidence. I’ve learned that advice from John is powerful beyond measure.

One interaction that particularly sticks out in my mind is when we were having a casual conversation and he asked me a simple question about my tax office. When I responded that I didn’t know the answer he immediately retorted with “Well, who should I ask?” I don’t know if he realized it at the time, but his question (although kind of funny) was extremely motivating. He was right – how was I going to be the #1 tax office in my territory if I couldn’t answer such a simple question. My point is - and I’m sure there are thousands that can attest to this - is that a few words (or in my case a question) from John can be a catalyst for success.

The number one will always remind me of John’s ambition, integrity, inspiration, tenaciousness, and generosity. It will always motivate me to strive for the best. My relationship with Liberty Tax Service® and John Hewitt has unquestionably improved the quality of my life, and the quality of the lives of those I care about. And for that I thank you, #1. ~ K