back to schoolLike all Liberty Tax Service® franchisees we love to give back to our communities. Not everything we do can or is a huge thing. We know that even small efforts are worthwhile. As the time approached for the kids to head back to school we started thinking that we would like to do something to help students whose families were not able to afford to purchase part or all of their school supplies. About that time we saw that one of the Liberty Tax® vendors was offering a new product; string backpacks with the Liberty Tax® logo. These were perfect! 

This is the type of backpack allowed by the middle schools in our area and we knew they would be exactly right to put the school supplies in and deliver to the schools. Our marketer (and general right hand girl) was tasked with contacting the schools to see just what their needs were and what we could do to help fill those needs. We knew we couldn't fill every need, but we could certainly contribute. We decided that we could fill 100 backpacks and spread them over the school districts in the cities where our offices are located, based on the needs the school officials conveyed to us. 

We then purchased the supplies and stuffed the backpacks and they are now being delivered to schools in Abilene, San Angelo and Snyder, TX. We know that our effort is small, but our hearts are as big as the state we live in and we are always looking for ways we can serve our communities. We are of course proud to be Texans and proud to be part of the Liberty Tax® family!!!