Let me start off saying thanks to liberty tax®, my kids and I was able to and still do have a roof over our heads. I didn't know any thing about filling taxes wen I had my first child. I didn't even know that was something that you had to do or something you can even do. When I was in the shelter I met a girl and she asked me did I file my taxes. I replied "what is that?" "what do you mean?"

She then goes on to inform me that every year you must file your taxes for your kids and your job. I still didn't know what she meant by that. So she kindly told me to get dressed and get my daughter dressed and she will (help) me. She takes me to some place called Liberty tax® in far rock away.

I still was lost. We walked inside and sat down with a representative. She explained to me detail by detail of what exactly my friend meant. After the talk was over I then filed my taxes. I didn't know what to think. I still thought it was a lie. I still continued my life as if I know it's not true. I had way to much things I was going threw to sit here and think about this.

I was waiting for a job to call me. The shelter I was in wasn't doing anything to help me m my kid so I wanted to get out of there. Nothing I ever did was right. I just felt like the world was coming to an end. I had a huge weight on my shoulders. But when all hopes failed. Jesus gave me strength and a whole lot of help that I didn't believe was gonna happen. The same day after I left the shelter and didn't have no place to go with my child.

Liberty tax® called me and told me I had a check waiting to be picked up. Can u believe it..Liberty tax® actually found a way to help me with Jesus guidance.

He knew wen I needed help and Liberty tax® opened up my mind to something that I never knew..I know as long as Liberty tax® is around I will never go to another tax service. I love them with all my heart and it will not change, no matter where I go.