It was a very cold February night when a new customer walked in the door with his girlfriend.

Connie Moore authorphoto 33b62e59-4abc-415d-a169-6056ecdd6239He had been unemployed for many months and just started a new job. The $50 Cash in a Flash brought him in the door. When I met with him and completed the return, the refund was very small and not enough to even cover the preparation fees. Since he just started a job and seemed fairly desperate, I told him that I would do the return for free. He was upset and said he needed the $50 to buy oil for heating a room in his home that night. I then said that as a Christian I want to help so here is $50, and I will still do the return for free. He was so happy that he and girlfriend shed some tears. He told me he would give me back the $50, but I told him that was not necessary. About a month later, he came in and asked for me and only me. He handed me the $50 and thanked me for the kindness and said I had a customer for life.