I hired a young man named Julio. This year he came in with his parents to get their taxes done. He had a gleaming personality, so I decided to offer him a job on the spot. He watched the waver videos online and instantly said "yes I can do that." He was fascinated with sign spinning, as he had never seen anything like that before. He taught himself to be a sign spinner. Three days later the phone calls started pouring in from clients saying how awesome he is and from others who wanted to be wavers. Julio has become so awesome at his job. Approximately two weeks after hiring Julio, I had a grand opening and roadside party at one of my new locations. I knew we had to have him there. He was the life of the party and as result of his street performance, he was offered 3 different job opportunities that day. He turned them all down and is still my waver today. He is always on time and is so proud of the job. It wasn't until half way into the tax season, that I learned that Julio has a pacemaker. He is so active I became a little nervous having him doing that job. As I talked to him, he told me that he had clear everything through his doctor and there was nothing else he would rather be doing.