We established our jewelry business in 2012, just a "mom and pop" operation. Like many people, we used Turbo Tax for years prior to setting up our business. Once we did, Turbo Tax just wasn't the way to go. I spent 2 days using Turbo Tax, most of that time pulling my hair out and was totally confused.

So we decided to visit Liberty's office on Airport Rd. in Arden, NC. A gentleman by the name of Clive Broadbent handled both our personal and business tax returns. Clive found us every possible deduction and then some and we were quite happy to find out we'd be getting a sizeable refund. So naturally we made another visit to the same Liberty office this February. Walking through the door, Clive spotted us immediately, remembered our names and welcomed us back to Liberty. Once again, we received a healthy refund for tax year 2013. You can bet that, once again, we'll be paying Clive and friends a visit in early 2015. Thanks Liberty!