Hearing impairmentThree years ago, a young girl came into the office and applied for the waver position. That night, her mom called and asked to speak with the owner. When I told her I was the owner, she told me that her daughter had applied for the waver position that morning, and that she wanted me to know that she was deaf. Because of that fact, she was a 20-year-old, high school graduate that never had a job, because no one would hire her.

She went on to say that she would be a great employee, if someone would just give her a chance. I told her to tell her daughter she should come in the next day at 9:00am to start work. She became, by far, our most dependable, conscientious, and hard-working waver ever. Everyone loved her. At our end-of-the-year party, we gave her the "Liberty Person of the Year" award, a metal 12" statue of Lady Liberty. She has it in her home displayed, just like a high school sports trophy.

One night, after the tax season, her mom called to thank us for what we did. Her mom had my wife and I in tears hearing the stories of how this job, her first job with Liberty Tax®, built her self-confidence and self-esteem and changed her life forever. She now was no longer reclusive and introverted, and she is taking part in family and community social functions, which she never did before. She has since moved on and up to other companies, and now is a supervisor for a local golf course.

Liberty Tax® truly changed her life!