I am a people person, and upon learning the story of how Liberty was founded and by whom, I knew I had to find a way to work for Liberty. I have been at this a very short period of time, but already have learned so very much. This is due to the franchise owner (Mike), my manager (Miss Janie) and manager (Miss Shelly) as well as my instructor (Joe Morgan). I have also made friends both in my class, with other Liberty people as well as people where I am currently working.

I came across people who are asking questions and they make me search for the answers. They will actually wait while I do and then after the answer that I give them, they walk away smiling. They smile not just because of the answer, but because someone took the time to listen to them and to do a little research for them.

Apparently other tax firms have not done that and when I do this here they are surprised and grateful. Liberty Tax Service® allows me to do the thing I love most ... helping people. My tax course instructor Joe said that I would be able to do this and quite honestly I am surprised at how many people I can help even before I do people's taxes. All the people that I have helped this way have promised to come back and actually get their taxes done by Liberty.

I am so grateful for Mike allowing me to be in this position where I can help, and I am loving my job with Liberty. I am a Liberty fan for life because of His faith in me and all the help from my managers and the fun I am having.