When I started working for Liberty I thought it would be just another part-time job to help me get through the slow winter months. I didn't realize that it would change my perspective on my community.

The first thing I noticed was how the office was run more like a team than a business. I was being appreciated and encouraged by my co-workers, offered references and offered to share in some great meals prepared by some of the staff.

I really felt like I was part of the Liberty family even though I'm not a tax prep. Next I got an understanding of our customer base. Some people wave, honk and cheer me on and I know they are already our fans which is great.

Others are negative and I know it would be a waste of energy to try to reach them. It is the ones who look curiously at me to see what I'm doing and which company I'm representing that I'm trying to attract.

There are lots of places that customers could choose to have their taxes prepared and I know it is not always price that motivates them. Liberty offers great customer service with lots of energy and positive attitude and that is what I'm out there to convey.

Finally my costume stands as a reminder of what people are paying their taxes for. Some of the most essential parts of our way of life would be invisible unless one day they were gone.

I am proud to represent such a great company and count my self lucky to have met so many wonderful friends.