Not just an office, but a support system as well.

Unfortunately, most offices don't realize that some clients in the community may have struggles that we, tax preparers, may not know about. Here at our Liberty Tax Service® Office in North Longmont, Colorado, we try to the best of our ability to make our community members not feel just like our clients but rather build a friendship. In our office, we stumble with many heart warming stories but the one that stands out the most is one of our loyal clients who has been with us for six years.

She has struggled financially having to seek government assistance, to make her situation even harder, she has been battling cancer since 2013. She fought against this disease during that year and as 2014 came along she thought her world was better since she had received news that her cancer was fading away. When she came into our office in 2015 for her tax preparation she mentioned that her cancer had come back, chemotherapy was not showing results so far.

This year when she came in I started a conversation with her. I noticed that she had lost weight and asked about her well-being. She replied with disappointing news. On May 2015, her mother had passed away and even more, heart breaking news, in December of that same year her father had committed suicide.

With her financial situation, it would be very hard to pay off the funeral debts of both of her parents. At that moment I realized that she would need all of her state and federal refund to pay these debts, being the general manager I offered to file her tax preparation free of charge.

She acknowledged the office's gesture and delivered a loving letter demonstrating her gratefulness for the support she received during those hard moments. Receiving this letter made the office realize what our purpose was; We are here to support people in our community not just financially but emotionally as well.