First, and foremost I started working with Liberty Tax Service® in January of 2013. I started my ten week course in October of 2012 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I was very nervous but confident at the same time I knew something good would come out of this course. From the beginning, I was promised a job in Fayetteville and then at the last minute they me told they had enough preparers. I did not let this bring me down so I applied at Liberty Tax Service® in Lumberton, North Carolina to my surprise they pretty much hired me on the spot. I was so happy; excited because I knew my hard work had paid off.

I remember starting the course and taking my 5 month old son with me to class because sometimes I did not have a sitter. I do remember taking the course I would find struggles and obstacles but I finished the coursed and completed my first certification required to do tax returns. I was so happy and proud of myself for completing the course. I remember after every class I would get home just to study so my next class I would be prepared for the next lesson. I had a great mentor by the name of Eileen; she was really good to me, believed in me, and helped me out a lot. My husband helped me out a lot also he was so patient and would get my son when he wanted to get in the way while I was studying or taking my certification exams. Surprisingly enough, I was also 4 months pregnant when I was trying to finish the course. 

Liberty Tax Service® has changed my life so much I have come to meet great people, mentors, and coworkers. My boss is such a great person who inspires me to believe above and beyond. I do not see her much because she manages 5 other franchise offices. When I do get to see her I feel that she always motivates me to follow my dreams and continue advancing in my career. Last tax season my office leader was Jackie Villafuerte and she is a good mentor and a great tax preparer that assisted me as it was my first tax season. I had done taxes before but I never worked for a tax company before. This was all new to me but Jackie was patient with me. I always had lots of questions but she would walk me through tax returns and made sure I knew what I was doing. I also came to know Ashley, who is now my office leader. Ashley is a very hard worker at what she does and is so sweet; she has also helped in me in the leadership role and encourages confidence on those who don’t believe they have it.

At Liberty Tax® I have learned more on how to serve my customers and how to be more attentive. I have built more confidence with them and now I know I will offer great customer service and the fun thing is meeting people and assisting them. Liberty Tax Service® does just as there motto says they do set the standard whether it is going out of their way to help their customers especially if it is just educating them. Liberty always loves to improve everyday, educating their preparers by constantly training them and for sure bringing their clients together for customer appreciation and throwing roadside parties to have fun. 

I was recently invited by Liberty to go to Shallotte because the Mexican consulate from Raleigh, NC was going to be taking applications for passports. I was so amazed with the number of people who had shown up to get their passport. The Mexican consulate from Raleigh comes down periodically to offer their services for those who may not know how to get this done. Liberty’s main purpose was not to sell a tax return but to let them know that we would be available in revising past tax returns for free, that we do free consultations, and give free information about upcoming tax laws. Liberty offers free applications for those who need of an ITIN, Tax ID also known as a green social. We let people know that most of our services are free of charge. I felt very glad that I could be of assistance in this way in my community. My goal in life is to be of assistance to the Hispanic community and I feel that Liberty has been an initiative to help me where I want to be in life. 

Thank You Liberty Tax Service® for helping me achieve my dreams.