I was trying to help my 57 year old cousin find health insurance at the end of March, so that he could avoid the penalty for failing to have health insurance. I found online that Liberty was a site that could help him sign up. While he works as a self employed upholsterer, his income is modest. He has multiple health problems including diabetes, seizure disorder, dental ailments, attention deficit disorder, and learning disabilities. This is not a person who has an e-mail address, access to the Internet, much disposable income or options for health insurance, given multiple pre-existing conditions. I made an appointment for him and accompanied him. We visited the Liberty Tax®, Ferrell Parkway office in Virginia Beach. He received amazing service from Susanna Muller. It was time-consuming and complicated. She was extraordinarily patient and helpful in the two hours it took to sort through his situation. He was helped to analyze what kind of insurance he needed, advised of options, signed up for an email address and counseled on income tax issues. This is an incredible community service for which my cousin is grateful. He and many others I am sure may actually get health care help through Liberty. Many thanks to you, Susanna Muller, and Liberty Tax® Ferrell Parkway!!