Timmithy Longoria post photo f9f5b64f-d213-457b-97ff-6a46d7a4a8c6I'm Timmithy Longoria and this is my Liberty story. In order to understand my story and why Liberty means so much to me you have to know my past. Starting off in life I came from a broken home and an unstable life. I was a runaway at the age of 14 from an abusive home that did not accept me as being transgender, and there after the path my life was on, was not a good one. My actions and irresponsible mistakes finally caught up to me. I found myself in jail and going through the justice system. I was homeless and devastated, but little did I know this was a blessing in disguise.

In 2012, when I was finally done with the justice system, I made the choice to move forward in a positive manner. I enrolled in college and now was in the market for employment. I knew securing employment would not be easy, but little did I know it would be harder than I had thought. Applying for many jobs and explaining my gap in employment and my now criminal background, almost all of my prospect employers, would not give me a chance. I did not feel sorry for myself, because I knew that this was a consequence of my mistakes, but I did begin to become discouraged. I felt as if my educational background and previous employment history was erased by the stigma of having a criminal background.

One day, I was walking home from putting in applications to nearby establishments, when I saw a Liberty Tax® waver holding a sign, "now hiring". I decided to take a chance, and I spoke to the manager and filled out an application. The manager, Mrs. Michelle, asked me if I would like to audition to be a waver. I said” yes." My chance finally came; someone decided to give me the opportunity to work and prove my worth despite my past mistakes, and having a non-traditional sexual identity. I was now employed. At first, I had my doubts and was nervous about being a waver, it seemed so menial, but the people at Liberty Tax® treated me with respect and dignity. I was as much a part of the Liberty family as everyone.

I have been working for Liberty for two seasons, and plan to keep coming back. The people here at Liberty have become friends and family to me. I have had many opportunities allotted to me while working for Liberty, I have worked as a waver and still do. I have done marketing, helped around the office, and next season I plan on taking the classes and working as a preparer. Liberty has helped me gain a sense of pride, a steady employment history, employment skills and a great and positive support system. Liberty Tax® has truly touched and changed my life for the better.