I started working at Liberty Tax® 5 years ago, and even though it is only seasonal work, I will forever be a faithful employee. Adam and Betty Standridge are the franchise owners for my office. They are the most wonderful human beings I've ever met in my life, and by far the best bosses!

Amanda Carter post photo 237b2940-2762-44e5-afbe-cbd4d3c9a95aIt is very rare that places of business will let you bring a pet with you to work, especially when its peak time of tax season. My wonderful bosses let me bring Gizzy to work with me. It was amazing, when I made the foam liberty crown to fit his small head, he wore it around the office with a proud look on his face. He would also sit on my desk and help me greet the clients. To everyone's amazement,Gizzy would walk up to the clients and they would pick him up and set him in their laps while they were in midst of filing their returns. A lot of clients thanked me for bringing him to work with me, and said that he helped relieve some of their stress, due to the overwhelming nature of tax time. It was a wonderful experience all together.

I love my son, Gizzy