builddream1Two great things happened to change my life this year:

1. I beat cancer!
2. You (John Hewitt) believed in me!

I wouldn't be where I am today if I didn't have Liberty beside me in this fight. I thank you for that, John, and I will continue to work hard and overachieve, because that’s the only way I know how to do anything.

I love what I do for my office and Liberty. I am very involved in my community in giving back. I believe that these different community groups I work with came into my life to help me make a difference, impact lives, and give back because I am truly blessed.

I never thought I would be working from a hospital bed and turning my room into a Liberty office! I was able to form many great community partnerships. I was able to bring these partnerships to the Ohio/Akron DMA and the state of Ohio. It is an honor to work with all of the zee’s I have met along my path of recovery. I was very fortunate to organize The Costas Network Project and Greater Cleveland Ohio Habitat for Humanity. Both of these projects will impact the individual and families quality of life.

builddream2Two days out of the hospital Executive Director, Henry Costas, of The Costas Network invited me and my DMA out to join in a little soccer fun and provide information on the Affordable Care Act, tax school and our free ITIN program to a crowd over 800! We had raffles, crowns, and created many raving fans. This partnership has grown throughout several major cities of Ohio. We have been able to reach out and educate many individuals and families. To know and feel this kind of impact is a great feeling.

Another favorite project happened in the middle of the night while lying in the hospital, thinking of who can I help, and it hit me. Why not have my staff go out as a team and volunteer on a project? Habitat For Humanity came to life at that moment, but I couldn’t settle on only my office. I wanted to make a greater impact and I reached out to my DMA and Habitat to let them know we will not be just sprucing up a neighborhood, instead we want to sponsor a team - “Team Liberty” - to re-store a house!

We are all fundraising to re-store a house for a family starting in January through tax season. We will take off our tax hats and put on hard hats in August 2015. To this date our DMA has been able to pledge $4000.00 and the fundraising has yet to begin. I went out to the sites where they had volunteers, and I was amazed to see young teenagers learning electrical work. It brought tears to my eyes to find out this young boy was volunteering on the home that his mother, and two sisters were able to purchase through the Habitat for Humanity projects. I didn’t know what to call the project then it came to me I want to help someone “Build a Dream,” this is what Liberty and John have done for me.