I met Mr. Hight nine years ago when I worked for "the competition." He had always prepared his own taxes but had a question that year and stopped by my Walmart kiosk seeking advice. His wife had just passed away, and what started out as a question turned into a relationship. I have prepared his taxes every year since then regardless of what company I worked for or where he lived. For the last several years, he mailed me his information because he lived three hours outside of Dallas.

Karen Gann authorphoto 586d7e93-7ca8-4aaf-9b81-3181b2f8ab95In March of 2013, he called to tell me he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and only had weeks to live. He also told me that he would have all his paperwork in order and was adamant that I prepare his final tax return. He indicated that he would have his daughter contact me. She called me in September to let me know her father had died.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Hight's daughter called to let me know she had all of his paperwork together and was ready to discuss her father's final tax return. It was obviously a difficult conversation and although I had known him for 10 years, she shared with me some additional insights. She told me that he had a hard time trusting people, but once he developed a relationship he was fiercely loyal. She conveyed that her father had a keen intuition and what that said about me, my character, and my abilities as a tax professional.

To me, this is what Fanatical Customer Service means - building long term relationships, doing whatever it takes, one customer at a time.