I will start by saying I am a creature of habit. Every year, for 7 years, I got my taxes done at the same place. I liked them - they were fast and nice and I got to know them. When my husband and I got married and moved to New Braunfels, tax season rolled around and we decided it was just too far to go to the old place.

So we did a little research and decided on Liberty Tax®. Now as a reminder, I am a creature of habit so I wasn't so sure, but when we walked in we were met with smiling faces. The lady that helped us (and I am sad to say that I can not remember her name) was so incredibly nice! I told her that it was our first time there and I hoped that I brought everything I needed. She made the process so easy. We talked and laughed about our kids and pets. Even after we signed the papers we stayed for another 15 minutes chit-chatting. People sometimes roll their eyes when I tell that is why we are happy with you guys, but hey, 5 years later and you still make us feel just as comfortable as when we first walked in!