We strongly believe that fanatical customer service is a way of life, not just a sometimes event. Whether it is being open late, being open every day, going to customer's locations, visiting customers in the hospital, attending their family funerals, or just doing whatever it takes to follow John's top 10 and getting the job done, we are all in.

One particularly poignant story that comes to mind is the day Mary called asking if we could come to her home to wrap up the return she had dropped off earlier. It turns out that her husband Dean was sick in bed and unable to come in to sign, but was very concerned with getting the taxes wrapped up. With little thought, we grabbed the return and headed for their house.

Mary met us at the door, along with her adult children who had flown in from up north. Dean recognized us but was clearly in distress. The scene itself was one of a person rapidly approaching end of life, with an in-home health care provider and medical devices and supplies strewn about.

Dean was very concerned that the taxes needed to be filed as the filing deadline was rapidly approaching. We explained to Mary and Dean that we could always file an extension, but Dean would have none of it.

Dean wanted to be sure that things were taken care of, that Mary wouldn't have to worry, and that there would be no hold up on the refund just in case Mary needed the money. We went over the return with Mary and Dean, with the adult children as witnesses.

Dean signed the return, along with Mary. They thanked us, and then we asked if we could pray for Dean and the family, which they readily accepted. After Dean and the others said "Amen," we wiped a tear from our eye, and excused ourselves while wishing everyone the best.

It turned out to be Dean's final act. He died that afternoon. His family has related to us how moved both they and Dean were by our taking the time to come to their home and to relieve his stress about the taxes. Mary has returned each of the two years since, and is a "customer for life." She has sent numerous referrals.

It would have been easy for us to have just said no, especially since we were so busy at end of season, and to have just filed an extension, but our belief in doing whatever it takes even in less than perfect circumstances, led us to an encounter that has touched our lives forever.