fanatical awardOur two Liberty Tax Service® locations have made it a point, since 2006, to hire disabled workers. Almost all our wavers have some sort of disABILITY; we write it this way to highlight their ability. For most, this is the very first job they have ever had! Imagine a 28 or 29 year old, wanting to work, but no one would give him/her the opportunity! I am very proud to say WE DO!!!

As wavers, we have had 2 autistic brothers who have been with us since 2008. Because they now have experience, they both have landed full-time jobs. We also had a man who was injured severely, shot in the head, and run over with a car. He was left for dead and now has grand mal seizures. He cannot write his name, but is the best waver ever! With a great recommendation from us, he now is employed full time.

We had a waver and a tax preparer with spinal bifida, ages 27 and 28 years old respectively. They never had jobs because no one wanted to take a chance on them. One waver cannot write her name, but both are absolutely phenomenal employees! Never late, usually at least 15 minutes early! One has been offered a full time job delivering meds for a drug store.

These people are a gift to society - hard working, punctual, and they treat their job and their associates with utmost respect. They enjoy coming in EVERY day, and I am so pleased, and proud, that other businesses have seen the ABILITY in each one, rather than centering on the disability. They are now hirable!!!!