Ending world hunger

I’ve been associated with Liberty almost from the beginning. In those early years, I saw firsthand John Hewitt’s passion and drive to eradicate hunger. I have to admit that I just didn’t get it. I listened to the stories about the hungry children, but never made the connection that I could make a difference.

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with John on a project, as a consultant, where I saw first-hand how dramatic the hunger crisis is around the world. I was personally touched by the extreme need I saw around our globe.

After that experience, I was drawn to the desire to continue working with John to make a difference in this fight to end hunger. Run for Food International was started as an organization to recruit runners to help support this cause, but the name took on a much different meaning the day I saw children in Nicaragua, carrying empty bowls, literally running for food – rice with soy and vegetables. In many instances, that would be their only meal for the day.

Our goal isn’t just to provide food for a day, but to teach communities to produce and grow food for a lifetime. Our mission is “to find innovative and sustainable solutions that will end world hunger.” John’s talent is to grow businesses and create systems, and his motivation is to use those resources to change the world. Together, we chose Nicaragua as our first country in which to focus our efforts to eradicate hunger. With the help of our Liberty family, we will learn and grow, and take our system of solving hunger to other countries.

John’s passion to end world hunger led to a life changing experience, opportunity, and new passion for me.