authorImage-LindaMaxon-09dc40a8-e0a9-4a85-802d-b3f721f9b0b1.jpgAs a first year tax preparer with Liberty Tax® I have really enjoyed my experience and have learned many valuable lessons that I also apply to my daily personal life, as well as my professional life. Liberty Tax® has taught me the real meaning of customer service and how to help people even outside the realm of tax preparation.

Recently, I had a client that needed her taxes prepared and did not have access to transportation to get them done. I drove to the client's home and picked her up. We went to the Liberty Tax® office and I was able to complete her tax return. We went to lunch after and then I took her home. She was so thankful that she was in tears and kept saying, "I never knew anyone would help me like this!"

That experience and many more have made me happy to be able to give great customer service and help our clients have a reason to keep coming back. I not only believe in quantity of returns completed, but also strive to excel in quality of service in processing returns for our clients.

In this first year, I have been taught many different procedures and I am learning many things. I am working with a great manager and staff and have been a right-hand employee to my manager.

I look forward to working with Liberty Tax® in the future and plan on excelling in every way I can.