Fanatical Customer Service....that is what we do! You have heard the saying, nor sleet, nor snow, nor rain, nor dark of night? I want to nominate Larry Slaughter, and many of his employees for fanatic customer service in Lexington, Redbank and Irmo South Carolina. While snow might deter some from going to work, Larry had many employees braving the conditions with 4-wheel drives and good old as Larry called it yankee tenacity for getting to the stores during sleet, snow and freezing icy road conditions to make sure our customers got the checks that were just coming thru from the first wave of processing. In a small strip mall on a Friday night I was the only store open, and as the bright lights from our store window show blazed thru the winter storm like a lighthouse on a rocky coast guiding our customers in, thru the blowing snow I could see my waver boldly going where no man has ever gone.... with flashlight in hand, music in his ears and Liberty loyalty in his heart. He and I were the only two in the parking lot later cleaning off cars and sliding home......and the next two days were not any better. Lights went out, customers had to come in 4 wheel drives and the phones were off the hook, but we were there when they called and when they came, hot coffee in hand....and a fresh hot doughnut......think those customers will be they say in Alaska, " you betcha."