authorImage-Jane Westbrook-3d9ac753-930f-4595-b92a-491e3a964729.jpgFanatical Customer Service means doing whatever it takes to meet the customer's needs. A near panic-stricken woman recently walked into our office in Saginaw, TX at five minutes before closing time. Preparers had shut down computers and were preparing to leave for the day. I asked the lady how we could help her and she replied that she needed her taxes done that night.

As she explained her situation, I learned that she had to have four prior year returns and the current year return completed. She had to have two returns for the most recent years completed to take with her to a bankruptcy hearing at 8:00 AM the next morning.

She had all of her receipts for a home business, W-2s for a part-time job, plus her husband's disability income. Nothing was recorded in spreadsheets, lists or logs -- just huge files of receipts and statements.

We started at 8:00 PM and worked through the night. We ate snacks from the office for dinner and she took cinnamon buns for herself and her husband for breakfast when we finished at 4:00 AM. She was able to take the completed forms she needed to the court hearing that morning and was most appreciative of our coming to her rescue with exceptional/fanatical customer service.