Lori Pominville is currently a tax preparer at our Anderson, SC location. I met her when she came to me to register for our tax school. I must admit that throughout tax school, there were a good many times I did not think she would make it as a tax preparer. She was an older woman, was very challenged when it came to Libtax, or even an email for that matter, but she was so willing to learn and had the best personality. I thought, if we could work with her a little extra, and teach her some computer skills, she would be great.

She took our 8 week course. Throughout the 8 weeks, she would question everything, to be sure she understood, sometimes more than once. The other students would get aggravated that she interrupted, but we carried on regardless and she did not care. She did every homework lesson that was assigned and was always sure she knew her facts. When the other students would leave for the day, she would stay, sometimes all afternoon, and just practice and practice on Libtax. She required a lot of assistance, but little by little she got it. Some days, she would leave to pick up her granddaughter from day care and come back. We worked together for hours, trying to work through her challenges with the computer.

She had such ambition it was hard for me NOT to hire her. I knew she would be slower than some, and I knew she would ask a lot of questions when preparing, but I also knew the clients would love her and trust her. I had serious doubts about placing her at our most challenging store, but that is the store she lived closest to.

When it came time to hire, I decided to give her a try. What's the worst that could happen? She wouldn't make it ? At least I would have known I tried my best, instead of wondering for 16 weeks had I made the right decision.

I called and invited her to my "hiring session". She was so excited, she wrote me a two page letter which I have attached. When I read that letter, I knew immediately I had made the right decision. It brought tears to my eyes. We were helping her entire family by giving her this new opportunity, when nobody else would! She had custody of her granddaughter and her husband was lacking work as a contractor. She was at the age that nobody would hire her, she had no skills except food service and only a GED.

Lori had went above and beyond throughout tax school, and all of our testing, and continues to achieve new goals every time she clocks in!!! I learned the other day, that she was out marketing appreciation weeks on her day off ! We are happy to have her as a part of our team, and even more happy that we could make her and her granddaughters lives a little better !!!! She is a star in so many ways ! I wish I had 100 of her !

After she was hired, and worked the month of January, I received another email from her which I have attached also.

I hope you will accept this story as one of your "fanatical" stories. She truly touches the lives of everyone that meets her and is a great person.