Jason and I spoke for quite a while when I arrived at Larry Slaughter's office this morning (Lexington, SC). He was early for his shift and just likes to come early. He couldn't wait to get his costume on and get going!

He shared with me how he has a hard time walking because of an injury when he was younger. He was in a terrible accident and survived a tremendous surgery, scarred from stem to stern, just after high school. He was told he would never walk again. Over several years, he went from wheelchair to walker and finally to the pumped up Liberty Tax® Icon you see in his video!

Even his surgeon was shocked that he stood to walk only a few steps. When I told him I wanted to see his moves, he ran into the back to change, even though it wasn't his shift and said "I'm gonna get my groove on out there!" He went for it, 200%! He said "our job is to be the best waver and that's what I do!"

Love it!!

Click here to see a video of the Liberty Tax® waver in action!