Finishing Strong

 Wayne Carlson post photo fa2dcb5f-eb17-47ab-bdb7-3de94fa6d4c6In fall 2010, my parents started doing a lot of rumbling about starting up a new business and they told me there would be a job opportunity. Well, being that I had been unemployed and living with them since 2008, I was excited to see what I would be doing. I was a sign waver. Due to the fact that we are in Hutchinson, Minnesota the first part of the season was quite cold, but I did not quit and finished the season off. Tax season 2013, my parents decided I should be a tax preparer, which is not a bad job.

I completed tax school, and all the rest of that fairly easily and we had a very good season. Well, here is where my parents starting this business started changing my life. I landed a job at Menards in less than 24 hours of applying as a morning stock. The reason being - it had to do with me being able to state clearly I had been successful in a detail oriented job, and being able to show that I had a clear path of advancement from the previous year. So, as it stands right now I have rehabbed my student loans and am looking at going back to college, still debating for what program or major. However, given that my parents own Liberty Tax and as part of that business, they do bookkeeping on the side - accounting is looking good for something I might decide to go into.

As tax season 2014 is looking to finish strong, and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, had my parents not taken the risk on Liberty, that I would probably still be living in their basement playing video games with no prospect of going back to college, nor of having the beautiful girlfriend who graced my life shortly before tax season 2014.


Posted By: Wayne Carlson

I am a 30 year old man who spent most of his life living in the great white north of Minnesota. I graduated high school in 2002 and have found that has been a serious disadvantage. I have attempted to make my life happen many times I have lived in Los Vegas for about 2 months in 2008 where I found that the teamsters were not paying dues and everything was going to fall apart there soon. I was homeless during parts of 2006-2007 and to a certain extend even while I had a roof over my head I was still only a single moment from being homeless again. Currently I live with my parents who own the liberty tax I work at.

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