Fire Destroyed the Materials….but not her heart!!!!

In the afternoon of March 10, 2014, a fire broke out at the dry cleaners right next to the Liberty Tax® in Stephens City, VA. The blaze caused extensive damage to Festival Cleaners and smoke damage to Liberty Tax®. The entire strip mall was evacuated and most of the employees went home, traumatized. However, there was one dedicated employee that never left the building. I would like to nominate Cathy Anderson for the outstanding customer service award. Dedication is defined as “devotion: the quality of being devoted or committed to something,” and Cathy is the true definition of dedication when it comes to Liberty Tax®. Even though, much of the building was covered in black sot, Cathy showed up every day with a positive attitude and the heart to keep that office running smoothly.

Since the building was quarantined until the Fire Marshall could inspect and reopen it, Cathy sat on the sidewalk for days helping to prepare taxes and file refunds. She endured the cold and the complaints and still stood strong by Liberty’s side. Doing all of this, without being asked! In my eyes, that is true customer service excellence. To top it off, when the building did reopen, she worked 12+ hours days to get the business back in the swing of this (it was in the heart of tax season). After a week of 60+ hours, she was closing one night when an middle-aged gentleman walked in asking her to prepare his taxes. It was 4 minutes to closing and she had been there since 9 AM. He explained that he needed his taxes completed so he can get the $50.00 cash to feed his family. Cathy did not hesitate to log her computer back on and prepare his taxes. She put her exhaustion aside and happily committed her time to him. Again showing, the definition of true dedication. Liberty Tax® is not just a place of employment for Cathy it is her extended family and she beyond a doubt deserves this award!