This tax season was stressful enough, and I was wondering how I was going to afford to get my taxes done this year because I was not financially able to go to H&R block or any other tax accountantDebra Bubash authorphoto 8ef83289-0c35-43ef-a143-86c07637e256. The past two years, I tried my hand at it with Turbo Tax, and I believe I possibly sold myself short and did not receive the most of my return that was available to me. I stressed over this immensely, until a friend told me about Liberty Tax Service®. I was told that every year Liberty Tax Service® provides a promotional service that covers the cost for Health Care employees to have their taxes done at no cost. I wasn't sure if I should believe that this would be such a great experience, being that there would be no cost. However, I gave Liberty Tax Service® a try and to my surprise I was more pleased with this experience than I can remember having in a very long time. The employees at Liberty Tax Service® were so friendly and kind. They accommodated me and made me feel like I was their most important person they ever served. They thanked me for my service in the Health Care field and treated me like I was a special guest. I really appreciated that they thanked me for my service in health care. Also, I was waited on the moment I walked through the door. Every employee acknowledged me and smiled and offered me coffee or any beverage to my liking. They answered every question I had and asked me questions to complete my taxes to the best of their ability. They were thorough and prompt and completed my taxes in a very timely manner. Also, they gave me coupons for my friends to have their taxes done, too. So, if my friends are willing to try their services, I would receive monetary recognition for that, as well. I was so very pleased and satisfied with the service that the employees gave to me at Liberty Tax Service®, it is all I have talked about for two weeks. I will return next year and I will highly recommend Liberty Tax Service® to everyone I know that is looking for a wonderful and pleasant experience when facing tax season. It is so refreshing to know that there is still excellent service available in a world that doesn't seem to care anymore about Customer Service. Thank You Liberty Tax Service®! YOU ROCK! Sincerely, Debra Bubash :)