Wow! The fruits of excellent customer service!

My name is Ariana Sanchez and wanted to share one of many stories this tax season. Our office is a first year franchisee. We are all about excellent customer service at Liberty Tax® Wirt Rd Houston, Texas.

A couple came in to our office on a Sunday to preparer their taxes. For some reason his W-2 was missing the employer ID number. He made me aware that he need it to leave his taxes to be done this same day. Since he was working in Louisiana. He would be leaving the next day. He also mention they had gone to other tax services. They had told him that he needed to call and get the employer ID number himself. I explained to them that it would be difficult to reach any employer on a Sunday, but I was going to make the attempt if he gave me his employer’s phone number.

I offered them a cold refreshing soda, chips, or sweet bread since they seemed to be upset about the situation. While they had their cold soda, chips, and watched TV. I dialed the employer’s number. In my mind I was thinking, “It’s Sunday but I will still make the attempt to show our customer service.” We were in LUCK! To my surprise the employer answered and we were able to confirm the employer ID number. Our customers were pleased they were able to get their taxes done and he would be able to leave the next day worry free!

A couple of weeks later, I received a call - it was 4pm on a Sunday. It had been a slow day due to severe thunderstorms. It was a referral from this same customers. He told me he was on his way and he was calling to make sure we were open. I told him yes we are open! I’m thinking he is around the block. He said, great! I left Victoria, Texas like 30 minutes ago with the weather conditions. I should be there in one hour and 45 minutes. He added that his friends spoke highly of our service and he wanted to get his taxes done with us. I called my boss to let him know I was staying over to wait on a customer that was coming all the way from Victoria, Texas to Houston, Texas to see us.

I waited for them to make it through the thunderstorm. When they finally arrived, I saw them parking in front of our office. Since the shopping center was empty. I immediately knew it was them. I got up to open the door and greeted them at the door. I called them by their name and told them I was glad they made it to our office safely. I started a conversation by asking them if the weather was as bad in Victoria.

As we walked to my desk, I offered the some hot coffee and pastries. We prepared the kids some drinks and snacks. The kids felt at home and enjoyed the play area. We finished their tax return. As we were shaking hands (for gratitude because of their trip), I offered to pack some snacks for the kids so they wouldn’t be anxious till they got home, or stop for a bite to eat. We were much honored. We had two happy customers and gained two clients for next year.