In early 2012 Judi Erickson of Liberty Tax Service®s in Whitehorse, Yukon became aware that there were entire segments of our small northern population without knowledge or representation of tax returns or tax laws. She set up appointments with local organizations and began to teach workshops to various groups, FAE/FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society), to women housed at the Woman’s Shelter, to Social Assistance and other agencies working with people out of the mainstream and the native population in the outlying communities. 

Today, Judi has continued to work inside the community organizations and has become involved in youth job fairs for training and local educational campaigns.

In Feb 2013 Frank Hauser was hired to be our Leafy (the Canadian Liberty Mascot), to promote Whitehorse Liberty Tax® to the Community during the sponsorship of Yukon Quest, a 1000 Mile International Dog Sled race, letting people know that Liberty Tax® was alive and a viable part of the community, that the provision of our service is second to none, and this is where you want to be at tax time for fast, accurate and reliable returns.

Little did we know that this gentleman would embody all the principals that make Liberty Tax Service®s so great.

Frank, as Leafy for the Whitehorse office, believes in giving back to the community. Frank entered the “Look for the Leaf” contest, where people were encouraged to take pictures when they spotted Leafy in their community and then post it to Facebook. Through his consistent efforts in promoting the Facebook page, Frank won the contest, and donated all his winnings back into the community through contributions to the Whitehorse Food Bank and the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter. In an interview, with a big smile, Frank said “Leafy and I have decided that winning a contest is not important. What is important is that we (Liberty Tax®) show people in our community that we care”.

With true generosity of spirit Judi Erickson, owner of the Whitehorse franchise, matched the $300.00 winnings that Frank donated, with a Liberty Tax® donation of equal amount.

In addition to her workshops, seminars and job fairs, Ms. Erickson personally donates her time to volunteering evenings at the Homeless Shelter.

It is Liberty Tax® of Whitehorse’s mission to be part of and take part in the communities where Liberty Tax® clients, employees and owners live, work and play. Our commitment to Whitehorse is a daily, on-going work of the heart. Being part of the community in all aspects gains loyal customers and creates raving fans. Show people you care and they will tell others.

Since taking over ownership of the Whitehorse office late in 2011, the office has grown 62%.