Liberty is a great business, but it is also a family. I remember at a convention a few years ago, when John Hewitt stated his three most important values: 1) God; 2) Family; and 3) Business. Those values, and their order, resonated with me.
Dennis Dercks authorphoto 82c3ed4e-19ce-47bc-ac56-4cbfd519377cI have been an Area Developer since December of 2001 with Liberty Tax®. It has been a wonderful 12 years of success and support. In December, 2012, that support was never more evident to me. That month, just before the tax season was to start, I suffered a serious injury. My wife contacted Pam Deitz, my Regional Director, to let her know of the accident and that I would be in physical therapy for several months, unable to support the Zees in our DMA. Liberty immediately reassured my family that we did not need to worry-- they would support our area and keep me in their prayers. Within a week, other Area Developers offered support, and sent cards and gifts for well wishes and healing. Ryan and Tiffany Dodson came from North Carolina to Wisconsin and personally met with our Zees, assured our Zees they would personally support them, and then continued to follow through on that support-- not only while the Dodsons were in Wisconsin, but also when they returned to North Carolina to handle their own busy tax season. Other members of the Liberty Team assisted our Zees as well, and helped my wife who was trying to straddle dealing with the crisis in our family and helping with the issues of the DMA.While Liberty is on the path to be the top tax service by 2020, John and the rest of the Liberty family stay true to the professed top values of God, family, and business. When tragedy hit that forced me out of the Liberty loop (and life in general) at the most critical juncture of the year, Liberty truly treated me like family. The professed values I remember John stating at that convention did not ring hollow. They rang true. Perhaps that is why they resonated with me at the time of the convention, and they still do. It is certainly why my family and I continue to keep our Liberty Family in our prayers. God bless us all.